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Night Vision Binoculars Are An Excellent Way To See At Night! Which Type Should You Buy?

Night Vision products comprise comfort, toughness, guarantee and overall quality. It may be imperative to consider these types of things so you can be positive you pick a set of night vision binoculars that you may utilized for a very long time.

Yukon Night Vision Binoculars

When selecting a pair of night vision binoculars, it is important to ensure the grip is right for you. The need to hold a pair of binoculars is very important to some people before they buy. However, if you are buying on the web, you can ensure a pair of binoculars are secure to hold if the grip is textured or made of a non-slip or rubber casing. This will allow for comfort and they won’t slip out of your hands while hiking or viewing. A good quality strap can be a very comfortable way to carry your binoculars otherwise they become more of a hardship and not so enjoyable.

"Night Owl" Night Vision Monocular

Durability is another factor that is very important when you are choosing the right fit. If you are a night hunter, hiker or you want to be able to see something at night it is important to choose a pair that is durable and shock resistant to withstand whatever abuse you put it through. In addition to any misuse that might happen, weatherproofing is important. Always verify the binoculars you use have appropriate sealant for waterproofing and fog proof capabilities. Wiping off the lenses constantly is the last thing you want to do when you need them the most.

NexGen Night Vision Binocs w/50mm Lens

Different styles are also available. Night vision comes in binocular style as well as monoculars. Tacticle goggles are also available for hands free operation and mostly used by military and law enforcement. The avid hunter might find the night vision rifle scopes an invaluable tool. The built-in IR illuminator will require a power source so knowing what kind of batteries and whether they are easily available in your area or rechargeable is always helpful.

Performance and warranty are the two final things you want to be sure to look at. Great performance can be guaranteed if you can find a good pair with an extra large objective lens and locking eye cups for easy viewing with eye glasses. A warranty tells you the company guarantees their product and the quality of performance you can expect from the product.

If your like me you like to watch the Raccoons, skunks, red-tailed fox and coyotes roaming around the back yard or like to take them up camping in the mountains where the big game is. Maybe your a professional and need night vision for work or safety. Whatever your reason, visit the Perception optics website where I keep the latest  products available with free shipping within the United States. If you’re reading this then you’ve already made it this far, why not go one step further and take a look, I’ll see you at the site.


Golf Range Finders – Should I Have One?

NIKON 8364 Callaway® Laser 800 Rangerfinder

Technology has become a big player in pretty much every industry. Golf is no different. Better composite materials are being used to make clubs. New materials in golf balls make them fly further and easier to control. Even the make up of the spikes in your shoes has changed to grip the ground better so that you can have a more secure stance. One of the last areas of concern is applied to mapping your game. Over the past few years, companies have been running to market with the most advanced technology yet, Golf Range Finders.

There are very different thoughts about this new tool. It is now possible to know exactly how far you need to hit your shot to just drop it into the hole! Outstanding! You can also see how far you need to hit a shot to clear or come up short of a hazard, or other potential danger. Terrific! Most importantly, it can take a less than average golfer and make them a Pro. Well, not really and this is the thought where there are very conflicting discussions.

If you play at different courses, having this insiders information about the course, is terrific. But, how can it help you if by knowing the distance to a hazard or to the green, if you are not capable of performing the shot? How can it make you more accurate or help you land in better spots on the green? Well, it cannot do those things. That being said, a range finder is one of the best training tools that are available. The challenge is how do you get the most from it.

BUSHNELL 20 5106 Pro 1600 Tournament Rangefinder

When you consider that range finders are not allowed in Tournament play, does it make sense to get overly dependent on something that you cannot use in crunch time? The actual answer is yes, but perhaps for different reasons than you might think. This is perhaps your best training tool. The proper place to use it, is at your local practice facility. By learning how far your shots travel and what happens to them when they land, will go a long way in helping you improve. Knowing how far you hit and learn to hit each club, under different circumstances, will have your handicap dropping.

The overwhelming majority of golfers are around an 18 handicap. That means that they score around the 100 mark. If you have the physical ability to improve your game, it makes a great deal of sense to use this golf aid to help you become more consistent. All golfers will tell you that confidence is critical. If you have the confidence that you can make a shot, to a predetermined distance, that will make a huge difference in the outcome.

For the more established player, who participates in Amateur events, a range finder is a great purchase for you. These players have the ability to make the shot that by knowing exact distances or contours of a green, can give them. For them, practice is taking place while they are playing. That is an entirely different game plan. In these cases, this is truly designed as a self improvement aid. The biggest difference between them and higher handicap players is that they can make the shot and knowing exact distances will assist in making an even better shot.

For many players, confidence is more crucial to their success than talent. You can see that at practice facilities, all of the time. The challenge comes into play when they get to the course and really have no idea on how far their shots travel, or what happens to the ball when it lands. Using a range finder can give you that confidence and you can hit the links with confidence.

NIKON 8356 Monarch Laser 800 Rangefinder

Now, for the more established player, this is a huge advantage. By knowing exact distances or where the pin is located, gives you a better chance to make a shot when you know the exact distance. Also, if you have never played a course before, you can see where potential trouble is and make the proper adjustment. You already know that you cannot count on using it in an event, so you are less likely to become dependent on it, so even your competitive rounds with your friends are practice rounds for you, so if your course allows them, then use every benefit that they offer.

This is one great idea. And used properly, you will see a huge improvement in your game. There are many companies that offer quality golf range finders and they all have some great information available. Some even have tips and scorecards as well. So, go and get one and use it to its best advantage for your game. Self improvement and confidence are crucial in golf, and by utilizing the knowledge that you can get by using this as a training aid, will help you play better and win more consistently.

Golf range finders can be an invaluable tool to help you learn and set up that perfect shot, but they are also used in the construction field, military, hiking and especially hunting. To see our great selection of range finders visit our retail website at Perception Optics.

Nikon Optics Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

From bird watching to mountain treks and everything in between, there is nothing like being able to see wildlife up close in its own environment. In order to do this and maintain a respectful distance that ensures the safety of both you and the animals, you need to have the right kind of spotting equipment. For serious explorers, going to your local chain store and getting a pair of binoculars in the bargain bin just isn’t an option. You need to have top of the line gear that will deliver a clear and true to life image every time. And you know that the more powerful your optics gear, the more you will be able to see and enjoy on your trip. If you have identified with the above paragraph, then you should take a look at the line of products put out by Nikon Optics. You are sure to walk away satisfied.

Nikon Monarch 8x36

The first place that you should look at the great quality of Nikon is in their binoculars. There are many different types of binoculars put out by Nikon, nearly eighteen in fact. All are high quality, but they are all designed to perform in a slightly different way. For instance, if you are just looking for a pair of binoculars that will give you great visuals but doesn’t cost too much, you’ll want to look at the ATB line. These binoculars are all outfitted with bright, high resolution optics and are completely water / fog proof. These binoculars have a huge Nikon following. With all of the binoculars Nikon has to choose from you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. The trailblazer ATB with a ultra slim, ultra rugged body. Ecobins are made with the eco- friendly person in mind. The Eagleview zoom with an incredible 3 time zoom capacity and my favorite are the Stabileyes, which electronically keeps your viewing picture stabilized and eliminates the effects of vibration on land or sea.

Prostaff Series 4x32 Rimfire Classic

There is so much more at Nikon than just binoculars though. There are many other styles of long ranging devices such as riflescopes, rangefinders, spotting scopes, and digiscopes. The riflescopes come in a wide variety of styles and sizes so that they will fit on any type of rifle.

They also come in black, chrome, and even camouflage. While riflescopes are necessary for any hunter, if you are after really elusive game, then you might want to try a rangefinder.

Prostaff Spotting Scope 16-48x65

This device works like a riflescope and has the same, if not longer, range. However, if you click a button on the finder it will give you the distance, in feet or yards, away from your target. There are different rangefinders in the Nikon line that are specifically designed for golf, hunting, or forestry. Spotting scopes are a lot like telescopes and Nikon has designed their life to be specific for hunting or other outdoor pursuits as well.

Finally, they have come up with a way to marry Nikon outdoor gear with Nikon cameras by creating digiscoping, a process by which you can connect your camera to a scope and get great long range pictures.

The line of Nikon optics is absolutely state of the art. If you want to get the best visuals you can while you are wildlife watching or hunting then you should really check out their line of products either online or in authorized Nikon dealers.

Nikon Corporation can be dated back to 1917 when three of Japan’s optical manufacturers merged to eventually form the Nikon company.  Stop by the Perception Optics website to see all the great Nikon products and how they can be in your hands very soon.

Bird Watching Binoculars, How To Pick A Good Pair

Birds are beautiful creatures that have fascinated mankind for thousands of years. If you have an avid interest in birds and bird watching, you likely understand the curiosity and temptation to want to see a bird up close. However, this is not always a possibility to do so without invading their habitat or possibly scaring them away. A good pair of bird watching binoculars can help you view these birds at a much closer range, properly.

Bird watching binoculars can cost anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the type you use and the features. There are many features and functions to consider when looking for a good pair of binoculars suitable for bird watching. You may have to experiment with different types of binoculars to see what works best for you.

What type of magnification do you need when you are out watching for birds? Be aware that the higher magnification you have, the lower your field of view will be. The reverse also applies; the lower your magnification is, the more field of view you will receive. Experiment with various types of binocular magnification to discover which type might work best for you and your viewings.

Search for binoculars that you know you can focus easily. You should be able to easily adjust them and they should adjust fairly quickly. They should still be able to offer you a crisp image in the meantime. The higher quality of your binoculars, the finer your focusing will be. This is something to consider when you are looking at different prices for binoculars available.

You should also consider the size of the lens. Having the biggest lens is not going to mean you have the best sight of the birds you will be watching. The general recommendation for your lenses is around 35 or 45mm. Many people make the mistake of paying too much money for binoculars with a huge lens, only to find that they are dissatisfied with the quality of the image they receive.

Those who wear glasses need to make considerations towards the eye cups on the binoculars that they have interest in. If the eye cups are made out of soft rubber they will allow you to have better viewing from your glasses being closer to the lens. You can also find binoculars with adjustable eye cups, however these may cost extra in price.

You might have to try out many different pairs of binoculars to find the type that are right for you. Keep in mind that binoculars that work well for someone else may not work well enough for your own preferences. If you have some friends that enjoy bird watching, consider asking if you can borrow some of their binoculars so you can see the different options available.

Discovering and making use of the right pair of bird watching binoculars can really add more to your bird watching experience. You will find that you appreciate these beautiful creatures more than ever before once you have seen them close up. Bird watching binoculars can truly be considered a necessity for anyone who enjoys viewing natural beauty.

For a full line of binoculars and other specific bird watching equipment like spotting scopes and digiscoping accessories visit the Perception Optics website where you’ll find a large number of optics, all with free shipping.  See our full line of Alpen Optics which has excellent clarity for a great price and their spotting scopes are some of the best on the market with tripods and full digital adaptability.

Space Astronomy, The Study Of Outer Space

Astronomy consists of space, stars and planets and is so vast that we have hardly even touched upon the learning potential that it holds. Because of this vast amount of area we must divide our study’s into smaller groups, otherwise the task would be to daunting. Just a few of these areas are planetary, galactic, stellar and solar. Below is a brief introduction to understanding what some of these areas do. This will give you a brief understanding of the enormous undertaking that this involves.

Planetary astronomy and science studies the planets and moons, comets and asteroids, icy satellites and dwarf planets. They study the physical mass and composition of these bodies as well as the theories behind the formation of the planets mostly within our solar system. Computer simulation, mathematical modeling, or by physical means using a robotic vehicle to collect specimens are some of the ways to help study. Research can be conducted by earth based laboratories or space exploration. They examine the dust around younger stars and how they move through space. They also study interior and exterior surfaces, what their atmospheres are like and research the study gravity.

Solar astronomy is limited on what researcher can learn since the study of the sun has to be done at a moderate distance. This study can also be done on neighboring stars by helping us understand a stars life span from birth to supernova. By examining the massive gas storms, waves of radiation and heat fluctuations helps to determine the suns temperature, chemical makeup and energy. A major part of our solar system is the sun and there is so much information we still do not entirely understand.

Stellar, unlike solar which studies the sun, is primarily focused on the stars and while trying to keep things basic and easily readable there are two main categories for studying them. The first, Observing, is usually done by observing the stars through high powered telescopes and photographs to understand the color and intensity of the radiation coming from stars. The second, theoretical, is the practice of creating models based on information and specific phenomena that is already none about stars then formulating theories based on those models. Instruments used to study wavelengths, stellar flare, and high temperature plasmas are some other related ways of learning about stars.

The Planet we live on is inside the galaxy we know as the Milky Way and Galactic astronomy is the study of our galaxy and everything inside of it including dust, stars, other planets, nebulae and stellar clusters. All the activity inside this galaxy, how it moves, the evolution, how it reacts to black holes and meteors are all areas of study. Another area of astronomy is extragalactic which studies all other galaxies besides our own. The Milky Way is the most widely studied and understood, but there were areas that we could not see because of gas and dust clouds, but thanks to modern inventions we have been able to map these clouds and begin to learn about them.

The galaxy we live in is one out of hundreds if not thousands of galaxies out there. This task has to be broken up into different specialized areas of science if we are ever going to learn about the wonders it holds. In a universe that never ends and even though our scientific accomplishments can pierce through space which gives us the ability to see light years beyond what we ever thought possible, we have only touched on the knowledge it will give us.

Telescopes gives us a small unique chance to capture some if this remarkable universe we live in. To see some telescopes and a difference between refractor and reflector go to the Perception Optics website for pricing and free shipping.

Recreational Parks, The Beauty And Tranquillity

The fast pace city life can be harassing. Day in and day out people from various walks of life trod the jam-packed streets towards work without knowing what date it is exactly. Normally families that live in the big city do not get to see each other anymore due to the busy schedule and unexpected business meetings. Basically this creates a drift between each member of the family affecting the household and the community. However this scenario can be resolved. Weekends and rest days can be spent together at the least expensive way. It’s a great idea to gather your love ones to the nearest recreational parks for a quality time together.

Recreational parks was developed as a common place for the community. People used to come here for an annual fare or simply a lazy way to spend the afternoon after a whole day of work. The amenities it features make it possible to create wonderful memories with family and friends. Ride a bike, go fishing or simply take a walk down the nearby trail to take in a refreshing view would help make up for lost time. Enjoying this in the most simplest way, far from the bustling streets of the city.

Nature is the main theme of this paradise. They serve as sanctuaries for almost extinct animals. Most visitors are encouraged to respect nature through a series of programs and activities. This constantly reminds us that no matter what we do we are still the keepers of the land. Technology may sound appealing, however we should take care of the Earth to avoid losing it in the future.

Frequent visits to the park would educate us that we should be careful of our surroundings. Most recreational parks have camp sites where people gather for a quiet time or enjoying nature. Both Boys and Girl Scouts usually hold there gatherings within the park area where they are educated with the basic survival tips essential to humans. A day or a week with nature would teach us that we are a part of the cycle of life and that we have a responsibility to take very good care of it.

Extreme sports and other physical activities are also allowed here. The vast land serves as a stage for marathons, cycling, jogging and other outdoor sports that promotes healthy living. Most organizers find the area sufficient for players to contend in the safest manner.

The mood is subtle in the park, no stress, no pollution, just clean air with vast land and a quiet time. We tend to forget that life is more than earning a living. We simply forget about the beauty and tranquillity of these amazing places.

Maintaining the area requires a large amount of work. Many people are hired to maintain the beauty of the park. Tourist guides, keepers and rangers act as the guardians of this oasis, both of the land and of its visitors. Without them the park would be overrun, neglected and would be lost. Many of us fail to appreciate nature as a beautiful and untouched place and that we should clean up after each visit.

A visit to the park can be the best way to spend quality time with our love ones. An hour out of our busy schedule can be beneficial to our health. We avoid being burnt from our current situation by getting more inspired and by looking forward to the future. Inspiration comes in the least expected manner. Great ideas are born of relaxation. So would it not be a good idea to head for the nearest recreational parks today?

Recreational parks are a great way to get out and enjoy nature, take a walk, photograph or view nature through a nice spotting scope or binocular. Stop by Perception Optics often to see what the current sales are.

Alpen, An American Company With Superior Sport Optics

Alpen Optics is a front runner in the world of sport optics, based out of Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. They are equipped with a full arsenal of binoculars, monoculars, spotting and rifle scopes. These optics are made with every aspect of event in mind including hunting, bird watching, competition and sporting occasion. With all the quality products that Alpen manufactures, consumers have been very happy with all their purchases including rave reviews for reliability, clarity, comfort and overall dependability.

Alpen Apex Riflescope

Whether your niche is hunting, hiking, enjoying the outdoors or bird watching you might look into the optics made by Alpen. If your a hunter, you can enjoy the ability to see your next kill and line up your shot with one of their precision built rifle scopes. Alpens top of the line Apex rifle scopes offer fully multi-coated lenses for optical clarity. Generous eye relief, fast focus eyepieces, low profile windage and elevation adjustments are just a few advantages to owning these fine products. No matter what the weather is like, Alpen has you covered with fully waterproof, fog proof and shockproof construction. The Kodiak line of rifle scope is made for the value conscious shooter and offer the same great benefits.

Alpen Spotting Scope

Monoculars are perfect for long walks, hikes or birdwatching. While being light weight and easily tossed in your pack pak they range in size from 8×21 to 10×32 with some being water and fog proof. Alpen spotting scopes are some of the best in the industry and are built straight or at a 45-degree. They offer powerful zoom eyepieces, an extendable sun shade and are nitrogen filled, water/fog proof and shock resistant.

Alpen "Rainier"

Choosing quality is imperative when it comes to any type of outdoor equipment. Alpen’s six categories of binoculars including sport compact and their Pink series for breast cancer awareness should make choosing that perfect set a breeze. Alpens top of the line “Rainier” have been compared along with the foremost binoculars in the market place. They boast a magnesium body, nitrogen filled with multi-coated lenses and many other extras. They also offer the best optical and mechanical craftsmanship currently available today. Having a pair of binoculars that can withstand the harsh elements of mother nature and will always perform at there best is imperative.

Consumers are satisfied with all 70 products that Alpen carries and are very pleased with their purchase. All of their products carry a limited lifetime warranty and believe that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot in order to own world class sporting optics. Some benefits include BAK4 glass for clear, bright, high resolution images, fully multi-coated for maximum brightness, and PXA phase coating for superior resolution and color fidelity. Waterproof, sealed and nitrogen filled along with twist lock eye cups and rubber armoring are among other reasons these products have risen quickly in the world of sport optics. The company also makes an annual donation to support breast cancer research and you will find Alpen optics at most sporting competitions throughout the United States.

Visit Perception Optics for your next optics purchase and see what sales and fantastic deals we have.