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Golf Range Finders – Should I Have One?

NIKON 8364 Callaway® Laser 800 Rangerfinder

Technology has become a big player in pretty much every industry. Golf is no different. Better composite materials are being used to make clubs. New materials in golf balls make them fly further and easier to control. Even the make up of the spikes in your shoes has changed to grip the ground better so that you can have a more secure stance. One of the last areas of concern is applied to mapping your game. Over the past few years, companies have been running to market with the most advanced technology yet, Golf Range Finders.

There are very different thoughts about this new tool. It is now possible to know exactly how far you need to hit your shot to just drop it into the hole! Outstanding! You can also see how far you need to hit a shot to clear or come up short of a hazard, or other potential danger. Terrific! Most importantly, it can take a less than average golfer and make them a Pro. Well, not really and this is the thought where there are very conflicting discussions.

If you play at different courses, having this insiders information about the course, is terrific. But, how can it help you if by knowing the distance to a hazard or to the green, if you are not capable of performing the shot? How can it make you more accurate or help you land in better spots on the green? Well, it cannot do those things. That being said, a range finder is one of the best training tools that are available. The challenge is how do you get the most from it.

BUSHNELL 20 5106 Pro 1600 Tournament Rangefinder

When you consider that range finders are not allowed in Tournament play, does it make sense to get overly dependent on something that you cannot use in crunch time? The actual answer is yes, but perhaps for different reasons than you might think. This is perhaps your best training tool. The proper place to use it, is at your local practice facility. By learning how far your shots travel and what happens to them when they land, will go a long way in helping you improve. Knowing how far you hit and learn to hit each club, under different circumstances, will have your handicap dropping.

The overwhelming majority of golfers are around an 18 handicap. That means that they score around the 100 mark. If you have the physical ability to improve your game, it makes a great deal of sense to use this golf aid to help you become more consistent. All golfers will tell you that confidence is critical. If you have the confidence that you can make a shot, to a predetermined distance, that will make a huge difference in the outcome.

For the more established player, who participates in Amateur events, a range finder is a great purchase for you. These players have the ability to make the shot that by knowing exact distances or contours of a green, can give them. For them, practice is taking place while they are playing. That is an entirely different game plan. In these cases, this is truly designed as a self improvement aid. The biggest difference between them and higher handicap players is that they can make the shot and knowing exact distances will assist in making an even better shot.

For many players, confidence is more crucial to their success than talent. You can see that at practice facilities, all of the time. The challenge comes into play when they get to the course and really have no idea on how far their shots travel, or what happens to the ball when it lands. Using a range finder can give you that confidence and you can hit the links with confidence.

NIKON 8356 Monarch Laser 800 Rangefinder

Now, for the more established player, this is a huge advantage. By knowing exact distances or where the pin is located, gives you a better chance to make a shot when you know the exact distance. Also, if you have never played a course before, you can see where potential trouble is and make the proper adjustment. You already know that you cannot count on using it in an event, so you are less likely to become dependent on it, so even your competitive rounds with your friends are practice rounds for you, so if your course allows them, then use every benefit that they offer.

This is one great idea. And used properly, you will see a huge improvement in your game. There are many companies that offer quality golf range finders and they all have some great information available. Some even have tips and scorecards as well. So, go and get one and use it to its best advantage for your game. Self improvement and confidence are crucial in golf, and by utilizing the knowledge that you can get by using this as a training aid, will help you play better and win more consistently.

Golf range finders can be an invaluable tool to help you learn and set up that perfect shot, but they are also used in the construction field, military, hiking and especially hunting. To see our great selection of range finders visit our retail website at Perception Optics.


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