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Astronomy Telescope, Do You Enjoy Star Gazing?

Some of the human race’s greatest achievements involve the heavens and being able to look at them closely. The discovery of the planets and certain stars has been made possible by the invention of the telescope. Had it not been for the gracious curiosities of early inventors, our world would not be the way it is today. The astronomy telescope brought in to focus more than just the heavenly skies.
Looking at the stars at night has been a favorite past time for many people all through time. We all wonder about what is really up there in the atmosphere and beyond. Many of those who wondered ended up being written down in history as inventors of the greatest thing to have ever happened to science in the early days. One of those inventors was Galileo. His name will be forever remembered in the world of astronomy as a master of the telescope.

Meade ETX-LS

What do you need to know before you purchase an astronomy telescope? Keep in mind that there is more to a telescope than you may know. There are different kinds. You will want to choose the one that you are going to enjoy using the most. One kind of telescope is called a refractor. This telescope is named so because the bending of air occurs while hitting another medium, glass. This in turn refracts the light. The light in this way comes into focus so that you will be able to view it. The light comes from what the sun is throwing off to the stars and planets you are able to view while it is on the other side of the earth.
Reflecting telescopes are a little different in that they incorporate images from the reflections of a few mirrors, then that reflection goes back to the eyepiece so you can see it. This is one astronomy telescope that has undertaken many improvements since its invention and is now a great way to be able to view the night skies and see a lot of things up close.

Bushnell Voyager

Viewing the heaven’s though an astronomy telescope isn’t the only way to learn about what is up there in the skies. You should go online and research as much as you can not only about telescopes and how to use them, but about the stars and planets as well. The more you learn, the better your experience with your telescope is going to be.
Talking to someone about the telescope that you want will be a lot easier if you know a little bit about them ahead of time. You will also want to know what kind of accessories you are going to need to go ahead and buy along with astronomy telescope as well. You are going to need extra eyepieces, a tripod, a dustcover, and some finders along with a chart of the skies.
You should let your eyes get adjusted to darkness before looking through your telescope. Stay out of bright light for a bit because going from light to dark like that will distort your vision’s ability to see well through the lens. Make sure that you cover one eye while viewing to see better. Move your telescope a little at a time for great viewing and finding things to view.
The hobby of star gazing is one of the best ones you could have. This is a great way to spend educational time with your children and you will have just as much fun as they do. Buying an astronomy telescope is going to be a great investment.
Take a look at the telescopes we have at Perception Optics. We have refractor and reflector telescopes which are perfect for home learning, easy to carry and set up. Some are even computerized and come with their own star charts. Go to the telescope page now to pick your favorite.


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