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Hello and Welcome to my Site,

Dale Smith

Dale Smith

My Name is Dale Smith, Owner of MDSmith Marketing LLC, a parent company of Perception Optics and The Social Rec Room. I am also the owner of Renovation Concepts LLC, a home remodeling company that I have operated in Denver, Colorado for close to 20 plus years.

I am a native of Denver with a strong family history in Colorado. Growing up, I have always been interested in photography ( in those days it was all film) and now venture into digital photography. That of course lead into lenses which is why I created this site, to be able to pursue my interest and share that interest with you.

Whenever I am not working you will find me floating on a lake in my kayak or wandering the mountain trails of the Rockys. My wife, two daughters and I love to camp in various places all over Colorado and sometimes venture out of state. May the years ahead allow me to tour the U.S. and photograph all my journeys on the way.

There are many products listed on site and many more that I simply do not have room for. I am constantly updating to bring you the most current of optic choices, but if there is something that you do not see, please let me know the brand and model number and I will be happy to look for you.

If I may be of assistance to you in any way please do not hesitate in contacting me either here or on the site.

Please understand that I own and operate three businesses and this is the reason I do not leave a phone number, but If you would like to speak with me, leave your number and time zone in the email and I will be happy to give you a call.

To all your success,

Dale Smith


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