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Nikon Optics Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

From bird watching to mountain treks and everything in between, there is nothing like being able to see wildlife up close in its own environment. In order to do this and maintain a respectful distance that ensures the safety of both you and the animals, you need to have the right kind of spotting equipment. For serious explorers, going to your local chain store and getting a pair of binoculars in the bargain bin just isn’t an option. You need to have top of the line gear that will deliver a clear and true to life image every time. And you know that the more powerful your optics gear, the more you will be able to see and enjoy on your trip. If you have identified with the above paragraph, then you should take a look at the line of products put out by Nikon Optics. You are sure to walk away satisfied.

Nikon Monarch 8x36

The first place that you should look at the great quality of Nikon is in their binoculars. There are many different types of binoculars put out by Nikon, nearly eighteen in fact. All are high quality, but they are all designed to perform in a slightly different way. For instance, if you are just looking for a pair of binoculars that will give you great visuals but doesn’t cost too much, you’ll want to look at the ATB line. These binoculars are all outfitted with bright, high resolution optics and are completely water / fog proof. These binoculars have a huge Nikon following. With all of the binoculars Nikon has to choose from you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. The trailblazer ATB with a ultra slim, ultra rugged body. Ecobins are made with the eco- friendly person in mind. The Eagleview zoom with an incredible 3 time zoom capacity and my favorite are the Stabileyes, which electronically keeps your viewing picture stabilized and eliminates the effects of vibration on land or sea.

Prostaff Series 4x32 Rimfire Classic

There is so much more at Nikon than just binoculars though. There are many other styles of long ranging devices such as riflescopes, rangefinders, spotting scopes, and digiscopes. The riflescopes come in a wide variety of styles and sizes so that they will fit on any type of rifle.

They also come in black, chrome, and even camouflage. While riflescopes are necessary for any hunter, if you are after really elusive game, then you might want to try a rangefinder.

Prostaff Spotting Scope 16-48x65

This device works like a riflescope and has the same, if not longer, range. However, if you click a button on the finder it will give you the distance, in feet or yards, away from your target. There are different rangefinders in the Nikon line that are specifically designed for golf, hunting, or forestry. Spotting scopes are a lot like telescopes and Nikon has designed their life to be specific for hunting or other outdoor pursuits as well.

Finally, they have come up with a way to marry Nikon outdoor gear with Nikon cameras by creating digiscoping, a process by which you can connect your camera to a scope and get great long range pictures.

The line of Nikon optics is absolutely state of the art. If you want to get the best visuals you can while you are wildlife watching or hunting then you should really check out their line of products either online or in authorized Nikon dealers.

Nikon Corporation can be dated back to 1917 when three of Japan’s optical manufacturers merged to eventually form the Nikon company.  Stop by the Perception Optics website to see all the great Nikon products and how they can be in your hands very soon.


Alpen, An American Company With Superior Sport Optics

Alpen Optics is a front runner in the world of sport optics, based out of Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. They are equipped with a full arsenal of binoculars, monoculars, spotting and rifle scopes. These optics are made with every aspect of event in mind including hunting, bird watching, competition and sporting occasion. With all the quality products that Alpen manufactures, consumers have been very happy with all their purchases including rave reviews for reliability, clarity, comfort and overall dependability.

Alpen Apex Riflescope

Whether your niche is hunting, hiking, enjoying the outdoors or bird watching you might look into the optics made by Alpen. If your a hunter, you can enjoy the ability to see your next kill and line up your shot with one of their precision built rifle scopes. Alpens top of the line Apex rifle scopes offer fully multi-coated lenses for optical clarity. Generous eye relief, fast focus eyepieces, low profile windage and elevation adjustments are just a few advantages to owning these fine products. No matter what the weather is like, Alpen has you covered with fully waterproof, fog proof and shockproof construction. The Kodiak line of rifle scope is made for the value conscious shooter and offer the same great benefits.

Alpen Spotting Scope

Monoculars are perfect for long walks, hikes or birdwatching. While being light weight and easily tossed in your pack pak they range in size from 8×21 to 10×32 with some being water and fog proof. Alpen spotting scopes are some of the best in the industry and are built straight or at a 45-degree. They offer powerful zoom eyepieces, an extendable sun shade and are nitrogen filled, water/fog proof and shock resistant.

Alpen "Rainier"

Choosing quality is imperative when it comes to any type of outdoor equipment. Alpen’s six categories of binoculars including sport compact and their Pink series for breast cancer awareness should make choosing that perfect set a breeze. Alpens top of the line “Rainier” have been compared along with the foremost binoculars in the market place. They boast a magnesium body, nitrogen filled with multi-coated lenses and many other extras. They also offer the best optical and mechanical craftsmanship currently available today. Having a pair of binoculars that can withstand the harsh elements of mother nature and will always perform at there best is imperative.

Consumers are satisfied with all 70 products that Alpen carries and are very pleased with their purchase. All of their products carry a limited lifetime warranty and believe that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot in order to own world class sporting optics. Some benefits include BAK4 glass for clear, bright, high resolution images, fully multi-coated for maximum brightness, and PXA phase coating for superior resolution and color fidelity. Waterproof, sealed and nitrogen filled along with twist lock eye cups and rubber armoring are among other reasons these products have risen quickly in the world of sport optics. The company also makes an annual donation to support breast cancer research and you will find Alpen optics at most sporting competitions throughout the United States.

Visit Perception Optics for your next optics purchase and see what sales and fantastic deals we have.